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Bienvenido a los 90: Oasis – This is History 6 – Don’ t Believe the Truth

Regresan los macroespeciales de Bienvenido a los 90 sobre Oasis donde repasan su carrera al milímetro. Esta vez Ernesto nos adentra en la era Don’t Believe the Truth y contamos con la colaboración de Natalia y Fran.

Lo que sonó:

1 Let There Be Love (Demo)
2 Turn up the sun
3 Mucky Fingers (live)
4 Stop Crying Your Heart Out (live)
5 Lyla (live)
6 Part of the queue
7 A Bell Will Ring (live)
8 The Meaning Of Soul (live)
9 The importance of being idle
10 Guess god thinks i’m abel (Acústico Liam & Gem)
11 Love like a bomb
12 Keep the dream alive
13 Supersonic (live)
14 Columbia (live Chicago Metro 1994)
15 Ian Brown – Keep what ya got (Solarized)
16 Eyeball tickler
17 Wont let you down
18 Can you see it now (I can see it now)
19 Can you see it now (demo)
20 Sittin here in silence on my own
21 Pass me down the wine
22 The quiet ones
23 Who put the weight of the world on my shoulders
24 I’ts a crime
25 Let there be love
26 Rock’n’roll star (live Manchester 2005)
27 Lord don’t slow me down
28 Stop the clocks (Liverpool Zanzibar Club)
29 Married with Children (Liverpool Zanzibar Club)